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White Widow is a classic strain from the Netherlands. Its buds are characterized by a frost white resin that cues its potency.

This auto flowering plant is the autoflowering version of the White Widow, one of the most well-known cannabis plants on the planet.



White Widow: a name, a legend. White Widow is a cross between Indian and Brazilian.

WHITE WIDOW for sale

WHITE WIDOW – A special blend of Patchouli essential oil and Rose Geranium essential oil.
 WHITE WIDOW marijuana
18-21cm unisex – weed theme bracelets – vintage style with antique-gold metal cubes and antique-silver metal charms
Balance physical and mental wellness with a taste of White Widow, cultivated by the pros at Mohave Green. This deliciously crystal-covered bud preludes the potency to come, as White Widow slams both b…
White Widow feminized cannabis seed 100% original strain breed by Atomik Seeds cannabis seedbank high-quality genetics www.atomikseeds.com
You can expect enormous dripping from the very resinous buds, reason why it is not recommended for outdoors.
Howlite is one of the more popular gemstones with amethyst for crystal lovers and collectors.
Show your love for White Widow by sporting this insanely comfortable strain t-shirt in Hybrid Green!

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